“…The sound of one man and his guitar–no effects, no overdubs, nothing else added just the sound of electric guitar played with wonder, feeling and a heart of gold.” – Andy Garibaldi, Radio North Angus.

Improvised Journey

By David MacGregor

"David MacGregors' Improvised Journey" is a journey indeed, a soulful winding tale that sonically captures the landscapes of a well traveled musician. The sonic quality of the this record is stunning with a lot of warm lows and mids, and just enough sparkle on top to really entice the senses. 
Listening to this album I can easily see myself sitting at a coffee shop endulging in an overpriced hot caffienated beverage, Likewise, sipping some wine on a cool summer night would be accompanied beautiful with this soundtrack! David is an accomplished musician and it shows in this collection of songs that is equal parts virtuosic and melodic! A collection of songs that would fit in any Guitar/Music lovers library wonderfully!!!" – Henry Stax, CEO at Guitar Player Collective Miami, Florida, U.S.A.

Live at The Hinckley Act

by David MacGregor and Si Hayden

"Well we promised you fireworks, and I think you'll agree… they delivered!" – Pam London, HinckleyACT

16 live tracks of originals & standards from David MacGregor and Si Hayden's 2015 concert at the HinckleyACT.