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Edinburgh House Concert

An Improvised Journey

Travel the world with sounds

Scottish Composer David  will perform and exclusive solo world-Jazz guitar concert and storytelling show in a private location. In this intimate concert he will take you on a journey around the world with sound. He uses a fingerstyle technique to play a mixture of original
compositions and arrangements of world-renowned songs, as well as telling the stories behind the music.
David’s highly entertaining and unique performance is a combination of all the different music he has played over the last 20 years such as Jazz,
Blues, Classical, Rock, Folk, Heavy metal, World, Funk, Latin, Country and Traditional Scottish Music, as well as the sounds from different parts
of the world that he has discovered while travelling mainly in Latin America.

Enjoy his fresh and interesting performance and tell us, how many guitars can you hear? How many genres do you identify in each song?

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