The Music Business

Offer your students the opportunity to get advice from the Scottish composer of World Jazz guitar, David MacGregor and his career manager, Patricia Ramos. 

Conservatorio Nacional de Musica de México

David believes and says that “success is not a matter of luck, but it’s the result of hard and focused work”.

In this master class, David tells his story,while emphasising the obstacles he has encountered and overcome during his career as a professional musician. He shares with the students the lessons learned and principal mistakes not to make in order to succeed in the music industry.

With a career spanning over 12 years as a professional performing musician, David has worked in partnership with worldwide figures such as “Tony Abaddon Bray”, Ex Venom drummer; Calum Mackie, Bombskare saxophonist, Marcus Bonfanti, Ahmed Dickinson, Adam Rafferty, Alison Affleck and Louise Phelan.

Nowadays, David’s compositions are a blend of the different musical genres he has played over the last 17 years, such as Rock, Pop, Blues, Jazz, Funk, Heavy Metal, Reggae and traditional Scottish music. He manages to create a lasting impression on every music lover by merging classic and modern sounds with spectacular execution and outstanding improvisational skill.

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