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Mexico City, February 11 2017 – New touring project LATIN AMERICA IN JAZZ  coming up soon with Serbian Pianist Stojiljkovic and Slovakian drummer Ivan Sveda.

World Jazz Guitarist and Composer David MacGregor will be getting together with Serbian Pianist Tihomir Stojiljkovic and Slovakian Drummer Ivan Sveda to present their new touring project Latin America in Jazz. In this project, these musicians will take you on a journey through Latin America with the sounds and stories of the music and culture of this vast and exciting part of the world.

Mexico City, January 17 2017 – David is now part of the Pica Netherlands roster.

Mexico City, January 13 2017 – Watch a clip of David's interview in the National Mexican TV channel "Canal 22" from his last performance in collaboration with Deanna Rodger (Poet) and Louise Phelan (Singer).