2018 – Professional guitar lessons in The Hague (Den Haag) and Leiden

From beginners to advanced, all levels are welcome! Even if you have never touched a guitar before in your life...

Learn to play guitar with Scottish concert musician and composer, David MacGregor. David teaches using the music that you like the most. If you like Rock, you will learn Rock; if you like Pop, you will learn Pop; if you like Jazz, you will learn Jazz, etc. From complete beginners to professionals, all levels are welcome!

Take advantage of learning the best techniques and habits to play the instrument from an experienced professional making sure that you don’t build any bad habits and you achieve a professional sound.

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Whether you are looking for regular lessons or a one-time consultancy, David’s lessons are tailored to your needs through a personalised and relaxed approach allowing you to learn at your own pace in a fun yet efficient environment with no classroom pressures.

If interested, you will also learn the theory behind the music and learn how to create your own musical compositions.

About David

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David MacGregor is a Scottish World Jazz Guitarist, Composer, Music educator and Recording Artist. He has recently relocated to The Hague after spending the last 5 years living in Mexico City. His main career consists of travelling the world discovering and sharing new sounds, performing in Theatres and Festivals as a solo artist and collaborating with other world renowned musicians as well as recording and releasing albums.

In 2004, David started his career as a professional performing musician and he has now performed concerts all over North American, Latin America and Europe. As his professional career has evolved through the years and he has studied and played many style of Music from Rock and Heavy Metal, Folk, Funk, World, Jazz, Reggie, Blues and even some Classical. These days his style is a combination of all these different genres and more.

David has over 16 years of experience teaching the instrument and he has always enjoyed helping others discover the world of Guitar, therefore, he continues to take on enthusiastic pupils worldwide who are keen to take advantage of learning from an experienced professional musician.

If you happen to be in the same country and eager to get a one to one lesson or consultancy, please feel free to drop us a line.

Check this section and his tour dates for constant location updates!