Learn guitar from the comfort of home, wherever that might be...

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Take a one to one lesson in real time with David through a video call. Each lesson is recorded and sent over to you, so you can review it and go over it as many times as you need. From beginners to advanced players, from acoustic music to Heavy Metal, learn guitar in a way you will never forget through these 100% tailored lessons. 

To book a lesson or for more information, you can get in touch by emailing lessons@davidmacgregor.co.uk or clicking the button below.

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guitar Lesson Videos

To get you started, below are two guitar lessons for BEGINNERS. Give it a try and start practicing your first couple of chords!

If you already play the guitar, below are a couple of lessons that are at an INTERMEDIATE level. 

If you are already an ADVANCED player, check out the videos below.