The projects listed below are available to be booked on a global scale. Each one of them is carefully put together in order to offer the best possible quality and standard of music performance. 


Solo Shows

A night of world jazz guitar

Travel the world with sound...

A night of world Jazz Guitar image_v2small.jpg

Solo world-Jazz guitar concert and storytelling show in which David takes the audience on a journey around the world with sound. He uses a fingerstyle technique to play a mixture of original compositions and arrangements of world-renowned songs, as well as telling the stories behind the music.

David’s highly entertaining and unique performance is a combination of all the different music he has played over the last 20 years such as Jazz, Blues, Classical, Rock, Folk, Heavy metal, World, Funk, Latin, Country and Traditional Scottish Music, as well as the sounds from different parts

of the world that he has discovered while travelling mainly in Latin America.

Enjoy his fresh and interesting performance and tell us, how many guitars can you hear? How many genres do you identify in each song?

A Tribute to Joe Pass

A one man band... 

A tribute to Joe Pass_small.jpg

Joe’s unique style created the impression of hearing an entire band on one instrument by combining Walking Bass lines, Chords and melodies with his vast knowledge of Harmony and Improvisation.

In this show you will learn about the life that he led and the stories behind the songs he played. You will be able to witness what made

this man a legend as this style of playing is as entertaining to watch, as it is to listen to.

Live once again or discover for the first time these all time greats executed with passion, outstanding improvisational skill and the relaxed stage presence that characterizes David in a fun, yet sophisticated night of music.

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Duet Shows


Classical meets jazz

Two virtuosos of the guitar, the Scottish World-Jazz guitarist and composer, David MacGregor, and the Cuban Classical guitarist, Ahmed Dickinson Cárdenas, get together in an exclusive series of concerts to present an avant-garde project combining original music as well as Cuban, Classical and Jazz. 

In dedication to ella fitzgerald & joe pass

David MacGregor and Louise Phelan

Go back in time with Louise Phelan and David MacGregor with a fun yet sophisticated concert in which two of Europe’s top musicians will pay tribute to two legends of Classic Jazz

Dave walking original copia.jpg

Show Reviews



“Fabulous evening with a wonderful mix of music and styles. I also enjoyed the stories and anecdotes and would love to know more...” – Helen Tibble


“Bloody OUTSTANDING technique. Sheer amount of clean slides + hammers tie all the pieces together and I don't think I saw a single string stop ringing! ... Charming personality, presentation, voice and sotries. It's good to see someone with real passion and experience just playing your heart out! Thanks for doing this... P.S. Joe (+Chopin) would be proud! Your own pieces were enchanting" – Elliot Scarlett-Abbott


“Brilliant, refreshing! A tonic for my ears. Heard you on Radio York and you made my day. Thank you ”– Lorna Smeaton


“Absolutely wonderful mix of style+sound. This was my 1st time listening to jazz (other than traditional) and I loved it. Thank you.” – Libby Pearson


“Superb artist. Excellent presentation - Serious & Humorous” – Ray Mitchell


“Loved the show. What a talented man David is.” – Sue & Tony Nock


“Enjoyed the playing very much and as an amateur who attempts chord melody – very envious!” – Robert & Pat Milburn


“Enjoyed the show, David is a talented musician.” – Mrs. Kilgariff


“Excellent musical performance!” – Jeannette Bridgewater


Excellent musician! – Norma, Alan & Nigel Hooper


“Excellent Show – Great Mix of Joe Pass Tunes with his own (Fantastic) compositions” – Greg Pearson

David specialises in the genre of World Jazz and his main career consists of travelling the world performing solo concerts and collaborating with world-renowned artists. 

He has worked in partnership with worldwide figures such as Cuban Classical Guitarist - Ahmed Dickinson Cárdenas, Award winning vocalist - Alison Affleck, Funky Fingerstyle Guitarist - Adam Rafferty, International Writer and Poet - Deanna Rodger, Venom Drummer - “Tony Abaddon Bray”, Jazz Fusion Guitarist - Si Hayden, Blues Guitarist and Singer - Marcus Bonfanti, Jazz Vocalist Louise Phelan, Bombskare saxophonist - Calum Mackie and many more.

David has planned, written and performed his own touring projects in Theatres, Art Centre and Festivals all over North American, Latin America and Europe. These days his unique style and sound are a combination of Jazz, Folk, Funk, Rock and Heavy Metal, World, Latin, Reggie, Blues, Classical and more.